Holly Anne Style Practice Worksheets

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Practice the “Holly Anne” style with these downloadable and traceable worksheets. Great for those who are learning brush calligraphy and want to practice a specific style. Downloadable and traceable worksheets that come in International A4 as well as USA Letter.




This brush calligraphy workbook is designed for those who know the basics of brush calligraphy but want to practice a specific font/style.

This style is called the Holly Anne and it is a downloadable, traceable PDF for you to print and use at home.

It comes in both International A4 size as well as US Letter. Once purchased you receive both sizes.

What’s Included:

– Uppercase: Demonstrative exemplar of each letter in a flourished style alphabet, followed by traceable letters for you to practice on.

– Lowercase: a simple, easy to follow lowercase alphabet that suits well with the uppercase. An example is given of each letter, followed by traceable letters for you to practice on.

– Words and phrases: One page of example words and phrases for you to trace over to practice joining the letters and creating sentences with them.

– Letter combinations: a few letter combinations for you to trace, to demonstrate how to join them together.

– Flourishes and Letter Variations: a few traceable examples of how to flourish these letters or switch up the style so that you can see what you like and develop the Holly Anne style into your own.

– Blank Page: A blank page with the guidelines so that you can create your own sentences, phrases and beautiful calligraphy using the skills you have learnt.


How to use:

Option 1:
You can print the worksheets on smooth heavy printer paper (such as 32lb or 250gsm) and practice directly onto the pages.

Option 2:
Open the download/pages individually in the Procreate app on the Ipad (or screenshot the pages if it doesn’t work) to practice digital calligraphy with a digital pen/stylus.

Small tip brush pens are recommended for this product, for example:
– Pentel Brush Sign Pen
– Tombow Fudenosuke
– Kuretake Fudegokochi
– Marvy Uchida Le Pen Flex
– Or even a soft lead pencil such as 2B, 4B, 6B etc.

Please note this is a PDF instant download of both sizes (US Letter and International A4). The worksheet is good for calligraphy beginners as it adds a flair to the uppercase while keeping a simple lowercase.

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