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This is the best place on this website to start learning from scratch. Start with the basic rules and work your way up, all the way to flourishing. This is the one stop page for all our beginner brush calligraphy articles.

Each of these articles mention practice worksheets that are found in the resource library. The library is free for you to use, with all the worksheets available to download, print and trace. You just need the password to access it. If you don’t have access make sure you use link below to get the password sent to your inbox. 

Otherwise, grab the worksheets and happy learning!

1: Brush Calligraphy Basic Rules

Learn the foundational rule that accompanies all calligraphy, as well as the brush calligraphy guidelines to help keep your work clean and beautiful.

2: Best Pens For Beginners

Learn my main recommendation for pens when learning brush calligraphy as a beginner.

3: Best Paper For Brush Pens

More important than you realise, because it can extend (or destroy) the life of your pens and make learning that much more enjoyable (or frustrating).

4: Calligraphy With A Regular Pen

Learn how to transfer these skills to creating a calligraphy-style look with any regular pen.

5: The First Basic Strokes

Learn the basic up stroke, downstroke, oval and reverse oval, used in making many different letters.

6: The Next Basic Strokes

The next set of basic strokes are the underturn, overturn, descending stem and ascending stem.

7: The Last Basic Strokes

Learn the last of the basic strokes which include the compound curve, the entry and exit stroke.

8: Creating Letters

Learn how to put all the strokes together to create wonderful letters.

9: Connecting The Letters Together

Next you’ll learn how to connect letters together to create beautiful words.

10: Flourishing

Lastly you will learn the the basics of flourishing to create some personalisation to your calligraphy.

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Other Beginner Articles:

Here are a few other articles aimed at beginners which you may enjoy.

Finding Your Style

Some handy tips to move beyond the basics and personalise your calligraphy style.

How To Hold A Brush Pen

Make sure you’re holding the pen right to make the most out of your practices.

Pencil – Calligraphy

If you only have a pencil, don’t worry! You can still learn calligraphy. Find out how here.

Calligraphy Vs Lettering

Learn the difference in a few important terms to make sure you can search the right words when learning your own style.

Remove Shaky Lines

A few tips to help you remove the shaky lines you may experience while you practice.

Calligraphy with Crayolas

One of the cheapest ways to start learning calligraphy.