Flourishing Entry & Exit Strokes

6 Jul, 2020

Flourishing Worksheets: Exit and Entry Strokes

Recently we chatted about flourishing ascenders and descenders, t crossbars and underneath the word. Hopefully you have checked out the free practice pages on the resource hub. Now it’s time for the last part of this little series: flourishing the entry and exit strokes!

To help you get a better grasp of these, I am adding another couple of traceable flourishing worksheets to the resource hub. These new A4 pages focus on flourishing the t crossbars and underneath the word. Print these worksheets out on smooth copy paper (see what I recommend here) and trace over them with a small brush pen. Otherwise, feel free to just download them and use them on procreate if you prefer digital calligraphy! If you don’t have access to the (brand new but ever growing) resource hub yet, sign up here and grab the password.

Remember, if you put anything up on social media from these practice pages or anything found in the hub, make sure you use the tag #cherrypearlpractice so that I can check them out!


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Flourishing Entry Strokes

Flourishing the entry strokes is often used to fill in the empty spaces in the page which can happen when there is a line that is shorter than the others in the overall piece. It can take a little bit of practice to get used to however, because generally you start before the letter, rather than continuing on from the end of the letter.

This means you have to estimate where you want to start your word s that you can aim for it at the end of the flourish. This is why planning ahead when you are learning is really important. Sketch it out, erase, plan, sketch again until you have the look you want and the quote is balanced.

Then when you go to flourish your entry stroke, it’s already in front of you so you can join it beautifully with the start of the letter.

An entry stroke flourish can start wherever there is a space that you want to fill, rather than just to the left of the word. With a little bit of practice you will train your eye to see where you need to go, and where the letter will start.


Entry & Exit Stroke Flourishing

Flourishing Exit Strokes

Flourishing exit strokes is a little easier than entry strokes as they flow seamlessly from the end of the word. These can also be used to fill in white spaces as they can reach to the right, up or down the page. Don’t be afraid to use these flourishes to join with others on another line too; I have seen some beautiful entry and exit stroke flourishes morph into t cross bars and others on a different line. Experiment with them until you are happy with the piece.

Here are a few examples on exit stroke flourishes, but make sure you grab the worksheets from the hub so you can try it for yourself!


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