Flourishing For Beginners

The solution for beginner calligraphers to overcome the intimidation and start flourishing today!


Remove The Overwhelm!

Are you intimidated by the idea of flourishing your calligraphy pieces? I have been there, looking at beautiful flourished pieces online and wanting to create some myself. I kept thinking to myself: how do I even begin? Do I flourish up? Down? On what letters? and I was utterly overwhelmed.

Flourishing For Beginners will break down all the aspects of flourishing and teach you how to start, one step at a time.  This will remove the overwhelm and intimidation so that you can feel confident to experiment and start flourishing your own calligraphy pieces today!

It has a whopping 50 pages of information, examples and practice exercises to trace in order to get you practising and experienced in flourishing before you even finish the book. This book isn’t just theory, there are practice pages and exercises for every single section so that you have room to practice your flourishes as you learn.

What’s Included?

The book goes through:

  • Flourishing shapes & rules
  • Flourishing drills
  • Where to add flourishes
  • Flourishing whole words
  • Flourishing full sentences

The best news is that this is a digital workbook – delivered straight to your inbox so you can start today and avoid any shipping costs! This is a straight forward, easy to understand workbook that doesn’t justgive you information. It is full of areas to put what you learn into practice: tracing the examples and also creating your own flourishes!

Frequently Asked Questions


What Does It Cover?

Flourishing For Beginners goes through everything you need to know to get started, including:

• What is flourishing?

• Basic Flourishing Rules

• Flourishing Drills

• The 5 main places to add flourishes

• Plenty of practice pages

• Flourishing a whole sentence

What if I am only a beginner at calligraphy?

You are in the right place. As long as you know the foundations for calligraphy you can learn flourishing and practice both hand in hand.

How Fast Can I Get It?

It’s a digital download – so you get it in your inbox instantly! This way you don’t have to pay a cent in shipping and you can either keep it digital or print it out.

What Currency Is The Price In?

Cherry Pearl Creative is based in Australia so the price is $25 AUD. This ends up being approximately $19 USD (as per current exchange rates) which is a bargain.

Don’t wait – get your copy and start flourishing today!