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12 May, 2020

The Julie Alphabet Worksheet

As you might already know, I have recently created a resource library for all the goodies that are free on Cherry Pearl Creative. This week, there’s a new addition to the calligraphy practice worksheets: The Julie Alphabet!

Julie is fun yet strong, and a beautiful alphabet. It comes with arrows indicating the strokes, 3 grey examples of each letter for you to trace over, and then some space to try it yourself.

In case you are new here and would like to have a peak at the (brand new but ever-growing) calligraphy and lettering resource hub, pop your details in below and the password will be sent out to you!



 Otherwise, head over to the resource library to grab your copy.


How To Get This Worksheet?

  • When you’re over at the library, click on the “Julie Alphabet” download link. It should be a download that shows up in your browser. Hover over it (depending on your browser) and click the save button, and it will be saved to your computer!
  • Print it out (or use it digitally, wherever you letter!) I talk about the best paper to use here. Make sure you print it to 100% if you are printing it to A4 paper. Otherwise, scale to “fit page”.
  • The Julie Alphabet is made specifically for small brush pens. The ones I recommend are in this article all about pens. So grab your small brush pen and get going!

 Some Tips For Your Practice

  • Firstly, slow DOWN. It isn’t a race, and focus on getting your strokes smooth and consistent.
  • Date the worksheets – keep them and compare them to older ones to see how you’re improving!
  • Lift your pen between strokes (especially if you’re new).
  • Check your posture occasionally! We don’t want you getting a bad back.

If you haven’t yet started learning brush calligraphy yet, but you would like to, you can get started here.


As always – make sure you tag me in your practices at #cherrypearlpractice. I look forward to seeing what you write!


Keep Creating


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FREE brush pen calligraphy worksheet - from the resource Hub - Cherry Pearl Creative

Julie Alphabet Practice Worksheets Free

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