New Alphabet Variation Worksheets Ready For You! (T-Z)

Letter Variation Alphabet Worksheets 

T to Z Available Now


I just wanted to stop in and let you know that I have yet added the remaining TWO “Letter Variations” worksheet to the resource library, this time with letters T to W, and X to Z included. I have been adding these worksheets because I believe they will help enlargen your repertoire of alphabet styles which can help personalise your calligraphy and make it your own. So far I have added A to E, F to J, K to N and O to S. Now the whole alphabet is up in the resource library!



How They Work

Just a word of warning, these worksheets are not for those who are just starting out with brush calligraphy. If you are brand new to calligraphy, however, don’t fret! We have plenty of resources for you, such as the beginner lessons on brush pen calligraphy and the free resource library full of worksheets ready for you so that you can get a start on learning today.

These letter variation worksheets are for those who already know the foundations of brush calligraphy and are wanting to personalise and add some style to their work. This new worksheet goes through the letters T, U, V, W, X, Y and Z with one letter on each page, giving a mix of upper and lowercase letters for you to trace. The upstrokes are thin and the downstrokes are thick, just as it is in foundational calligraphy. These are perfect for building your repertoire of alphabet styles and adding a little pizazz to your work.


Font Variation Workbook

Where Are They?

All of our resources are available at the library, which has been made specifically for the Cherry Pearl Creative family. If you are already part of the family you should have the password already in your inbox. If you are new here and want to join in it’s easy! Just pop your details in the box below and you will get the super-secret password sent straight to your inbox. Once you have access to the password you can download them to your tablet (to use with a digital pen) or print them off to use with your brush pens.  (I recommend using smooth paper to prolong the life of your brush pens. If you would like to know what the best paper is to use both in the printer and with brush pens, make sure you check out my recommendations here.) 


That’s it! Let me know how you go with these worksheets – I would love to see them. Feel free to use the #cherrypearlpractice on social media, tag me, or email me your progress.


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