About Pearl

Hey! I’m Pearl, creator of Cherry Pearl Creative.

I’m a wife, mum of 2 boys, and I started lettering in 2015 as a source of sanity.

I was a new mum and I needed a hobby that was purely for me, to hold on to who I was in the midst of a brand new and unfamiliar life.

Soon I started lettering the bible and realised how easy it is to meditate on scripture if you letter it. Writing it again and again slowly and carefully helped my thoughts get lost in the words.

I taught myself lettering through the internet but I found myself unlearning and relearning the same concepts often because I had originally learned them wrong.

With Cherry Pearl Creative I want to create a safe space where people can learn the beautiful calming art of lettering the right way in the right order and to help others avoid the same mistakes that I made.


If you would like to start calligraphy from scratch make sure you check out the beginners series  – otherwise, check out the ebook flourishing for beginners if you would like to start flourishing.

We have a relatively new resource library which has free downloadable and traceable worksheets and pdfs to help you practise your brush calligraphy and lettering. 

The library is free, you just need the password. If you sign up here the password will be sent straight to your inbox.