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Learn the foundations to remove the intimidation and start flourishing your own calligraphy today! The downloadable, workbook is full of traceable practice worksheets to have you flourishing in no time.

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Start from scratch: learn about brush calligraphy from the very beginning for free. Including basic strokes, the best pens to use and creating words.

Basic Rules in Brush Calligraphy

Basic Brush Calligraphy Rules

Best Brush Pens For Beginners

Best Pens For Beginners

brush calligraphy foundation basic rules

Faux Calligraphy – Any Pen

Basic Strokes in Brush Calligraphy

Basic Strokes Part 1

Meet Pearl

I started with brush calligraphy to help my mental health. I was a new mum with lots of really painful long lasting issues after having my son. I needed a quiet activity that could help me feel like myself again, while he slept. Somehow I stumbled in to brush calligraphy and fell in love.

I tried to teach myself but I learnt it all in the wrong order, having to unlearn and relearn a lot later on. I want to teach you the right things in the right order so that you can enjoy this activity as much as I do and get the beautiful benefits from calligraphy too.

Cherry Pearl Creative

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Improve Your Brush Lettering Online: 5 Tips To Help

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Increase the Consistency in Your Calligraphy

Increase the Consistency in Your Calligraphy

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Add Bounce to Your Lettering! (with free practice worksheet)

Add Bounce to Your Lettering! (with free practice worksheet)

How To Add Bounce To Your Hand Lettering (with a free practice worksheet) Adding a bounce to your lettering can give it a modern, fun and fresh feel and it is really simple to do! You have probably seen and loved many bouncy lettering styles on social media because...

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